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Years of PCBA high-end customization one-stop quality service provider


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Global core city for many years, only do one thing, focus on PCB manufacturing, SMT placement one-stop quality service

Ltd. is a one-stop manufacturing service provider of PCB manufacturing, component procurement, SMT chip processing and test assembly, and has been focusing on serving many customers in various industries such as automotive, medical, industrial automation, smart home, security and power communication (except consumer electronics) at home and abroad for many years.

Prototype InquiryProcessing Consultation
  • Product ProcessProduct Process
  • National High-tech EnterpriseHigh-tech Enterprise
  • 3 million points of capacity per day3 million points of capacity per day
  • Functional testing 99.98% pass rateFunctional testing 99.98% pass rate

Cooperation with customers

MYDATA Sweden fully automatic SMT production line + 9 inspection processes, the ultimate experience of quality









smt workshop

Years of professional one-stop, , ,Survival by quality

Survival by quality, development by reputation, Global Core City20We have been providing professional one-stop service for smt processing for years, with careful, elaborate, and attentive, and the quality will always be satisfactory.

  • ExcellencePCBA whole industry chain professional services, accurate docking customer needs, heart to help customers' products from drawings to finished products conversion.

Saving time costs,Reduced time-to-market

Many years smt processing professional one-stop service team, professional things professional team to do less time consuming, high efficiency.

  • CraftsmanshipQuality suppliers, professional procurement, engineering and production teams, advanced production equipment, all oriented to customer needs.
Crafting a Dream

Quality suppliersThe quality of components

Internationally renowned component suppliers, we support all electronic materials all-channel procurement. The real first-hand genuine products, the real cost price.

  • Fine ManagementUniversal Core always insists on high standards for supplier teams, components, production, quality control teams and process requirements, and there are no shortcuts to do quality.

ERP material management system,Component quality traceability

Global Core City's ERP material management system is tailor-made with huge investment, and all the components purchased by Global Core City are traceable in quality, which completely eliminates product problems caused by the quality of customer-supplied materials.

  • Data ManagementERP material management system, real-time monitoring of the status of material inventory and stocking, fast turnaround and fast delivery.
Efficient delivery

Electronic Inquiry Board

A team of experienced smt processing engineers can assist in the analysis of PCB design and prototyping, and efficiently analyze all the results of the product according to the test program





Fast Track

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