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SMT processing of laparoscopic sutures circuit board

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  • Published on.2022-07-03 07:49
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The laparoscopic suture device belongs to a kind of medical surgical robot, which is mainly used for suturing the tissue inside the incision wall after laparoscopy. Since it can close the fascia, peritoneum and muscle at the same time at one time, it can minimize the degree of damage to the incision and improve the healing and recovery effect after surgery.

As minimally invasive lumpectomy has been used in clinical treatment on a large scale, the technology has become relatively mature and the public acceptance is generally high.As long asPatient's bodyConditions permittingin the case ofBoth doctors and patients basically choose to perform minimally invasive surgery, so the laparoscopic sutures are more widely used in the department.

At present, the distinction is still relatively fine in hospitals, and the specific use is basically in the departments of gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, colorectal surgery, as well as urology and gynecology, etc. The division of departments varies from hospital to hospital, and in principle, almost all departments that perform lumpectomy can carry out minimally invasive treatment.

The laparoscopic suturer facilitates the suturing of the post-laparoscopic incision and effectively reduces post-laparoscopic poking complications due to its simple operation method.The surgical robotCapable of sewing from the inside out, reach1CM fascial closing margin, to meet international suture standards. The use of the downward push handle wings open, upward lifting closed, to meet the national operating habits.

Application: The

1、Applicable poke diameter: 10-15mm.

2、Applicable abdominal wall thickness: 3-8cm.

3.Normal peopleofLower abdominal wallThickness ofAverageThe values are: The(23.4±6.6)mm;.

4、If the thickness of the abdominal wall is <3cmCan be used"Tilt"In-depthTechnologyDirectly to the lesion;.

5. Tilt the device to the side of needle entry, so that the silicone wings rest on the abdominal wall for accurate positioning of the penetrating needle.

The board is made of epoxy resin.FR-4, 6 layersPCBImmersion gold plate, in the process of using lead-freeSMTSMD soldering, all usingISO13485Certified components for medical electronics ensure the need for green, environmentally friendly, and stable products. Universal Core believes that quality comes from professionalism and reputation wins the future. From grassroots staff to senior management, everyone is focused on precise, high-quality medical electronicsPCBACircuit boards, surgical robotsPCBCircuit board. First-class technology, can provide customers with better service solutions.

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