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Prospects for domestic implantable medical devices

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  • Published on.2022-07-03 07:49
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In recent years, with the improvement of China's economic level, medical level, medical and health needs, and the guidance of national policies, all these favorable conditions have provided very favorable conditions for the application and development of implantable medical devices. At the same time, China's elderly population is increasing, and the trend of aging is still intensifying, then there is no doubt that cardiovascular diseases, orthopedic diseases and other kinds of elderly groups susceptible to diseases in so a high proportion of the disease sample.

In addition, according to national statistics show that the mortality rate of heart disease and cerebrovascular disease is high, cardiovascular disease has been the number one cause of death in China's urban population, the treatment of such diseases is currently a more effective way to replace the aging function of the weakened body tissue is implanted. For example, cardiovascular stents can effectively improve some of the problems of the heart and blood vessels. Since the cases of such diseases occupy the first place in our country, there is a very big demand for implanted medical devices.

At present, the overall vascular intervention and orthopedic implants are the two main types of implantable medical devices in China. 

--Vascular Intervention Market

Vascular interventional therapy is a technique to enter the cardiac cavity or cardiovascular cavity through cardiovascular puncture route to implement diagnostic or other treatments.

Although China's vascular interventional device industry currently started late, but in the economic policy and market environment factors to promote the rapid development of China. 2019 China for vascular for interventional device enterprise market economic size of about 48 billion yuan, an increase of 23.39% year-on-year respectively.

Among the three major segments of the vascular intervention market, cardiovascular intervention has been occupying the largest market economic share in the world, but with the development of medical information technology in the society. There are new changes in the vascular intervention China market economic landscape, the market share of cerebrovascular intervention and peripheral vascular intervention has gradually developed and improved. 2019 cardiovascular system intervention China market economic share is 67%, the market value share ratio of cerebrovascular intervention and peripheral vascular intervention is 13% and 20% respectively.

--Orthopedic implant market

Orthopedic implants mainly include bone joint implants as well as joint implants, such as bone splints, bone screws, intramedullary nails, spinal internal fixation implants, artificial joints and so on. According to the use of different parts we can develop into trauma, spine, joint and others.

In 2019, the market share of orthopedic implant market segments will continue to change, with the joint market coming to the top, surpassing the trauma market to become the second largest segment in the world, and is expected to surpass the spine market in recent years to become the top segment for orthopedic implants. The top segment target market.

From the analysis of technical research point of view, the rapid economic development of new technologies, new processes and new materials can greatly promote China's domestic high-end implantable medical devices continue to break through the information technology bottleneck. As one of the three pillars of the world's new technological revolution, new materials technology is increasingly flourishing, especially polymer materials and composite materials are developing rapidly and expanding in the field of biomedical materials and orthopedic fixation.

Continued development of the expansion of the market economy scale, coupled with the growing demand, implantation of medical devices to attract students more and more companies need to achieve rapid and healthy growth by making investments in mergers and acquisitions.

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