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Global core city provides PCBA one-stop processing for Guizhou Laya Technology

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  • Published on.2022-07-03 07:53
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Medical case showcase.

In recent years, the trend of smart wearable medical products has been on the rise at home and abroad. On the other hand, with the increasing environmental pollution and the awakening of people's health consciousness, the problem of aging population has been intensifying, and the demand for enhancing medical technology, extending human life span and enhancing health has become more urgent. However, there are problems such as uneven distribution of medical resources, long and expensive drug development cycles, and high cost of medical personnel training in life photos. The need for realistic medical advances has greatly stimulated the rise of a wave of changes and upgrades in the healthcare industry driven by artificial intelligence development technologies.

Guizhou Laya Technology is a domestic developer and manufacturer of mid- to high-end wearable and micro medical devices for specific applications including, medical research, medical imaging and diagnostics, mental health, nursing, emergency room and hospital management, drug mining, virtual assistants, wearable devices, and other medical products. Global Core City from2016Provided intelligent medical products for Guizhou Laya Technology for a long time since 2007PCBAOne-stop service for crafting.

Guizhou Laya Technology is a subsidiary of Landmark Information (stock code.300288The company is a technology-based company co-funded by Dr. Jinhong Guo, which integrates mainstream medical-grade mobile medical devices in the market to collect, organize and analyze data and provide users with "hardware+Software+We provide a comprehensive medical and health service solution of "service".

 The following blood glucose health tester is jointly developed and produced by Guizhou Laya Technology and Global Core City, which can solve the health problems of the elderly and can test their own blood glucose index of intelligent electronic medical instruments, generally applicable to people with high blood glucose. It helps patients to grasp their own blood sugar value at any time. After the blood is separated by centrifuge to get the plasma, the plasma is reacted by glucose oxidase to produce hydrogen peroxide, and then the amount of hydrogen peroxide is measured by the testing system of the blood glucose meter, and then the blood glucose value is derived. After these strict quota steps, the blood glucose meter ensures accurate measurement values. The blood glucose meter requires a very small amount of blood to be taken, requiring only2Microliter is enough, the display of blood glucose meter is very fast, the measurement value is very accurate, and the operation is simple, please feel free to use.

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Enterprise evergreen needs innovation, Global Core City aspires to provide professional R&D for various industriespcbaCustomized service, each product has been 9The "testing process" is strictly controlled at all levels, and the high standard of anti-static and5000Square dust-free production workshop, welcome to visit the cooperation, Tel.13923880174


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