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Global Core City provides PCBA one-stop service for Shanghai Hanbao Auto

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  • Published on.2022-07-03 07:18
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    上海汉豹汽车有限公司成立于2007年,企业对外投资有5家,主要从事汽车销售,汽车租赁,汽车配件制造、加工(以上限分支机构经营),从事新能源汽车科技领域内的技术开发、技术转让、技术咨询、技术服务,润滑油批发、零售,从事货物及技术的进出口业务 。以下是客户在环球芯城生产的pcba充电桩。




   Enterprise evergreen needs innovation, Global Core City aspires to provide professional R&D for various industriesPCBACustomized service, each product has been 9检测工序层层严把关,高标准的防静电、5000Squared dust-free production workshop, Global Core City strictly enforcesIATF 16949quality system standards and has been awardedISO9001-2000Quality management system certification, welcome to visit the factory inspection, providePCBA加工服务,电话:13923880174

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