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Global Core City provides PCBA processing one-stop service for Vision Dynamics

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  • Published on.2022-07-03 07:52
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Intelligent 3D vision case show.

Today's advanced, intelligent3DThe core software of the Vision Dynamics Totalized Guidance Solution: not only does it enable2DVisual guidance, with particular expertise in3Dvision guidance, making it the most advanced vision guidance product in the industry, capable of covering a wider range of intelligent3DVision applications expand to more industries. Here is a3DThe visual plug-in software has a small answer for you.

Vision Dynamics provides a one-stop3DSoftware solutions, including3Dsoftware solutions.3DTraining and3DConsulting. Vision Dynamics' products and services include.3DThe technical components of advertising media, the3DConsulting and R&D services for displays, information systems internal3DMedia-related technical components, pharmaceutical, automotive, communicationsCADThe improvement of applications in specialized fields such as   Global Core City from2017A long term provider of intelligent Internet for Vision Dynamics since 20073DVisual ProductsPCBAOne-stop service for crafting.

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Vision Dynamics' mission is to provide advanced, intelligent3DSolutions that enable naked eye3DExpanding to more industries. To this end, Vision Dynamics has the advantage of bringing autostereoscopic (naked eye3D) display hardware,3DContent creation software,3DInner meat conversion software and content management combined. Here are3DPlug-in SoftwarePCBAThe motherboard is jointly developed and produced by Vision Dynamics and Universal Core.


Enterprise evergreen needs innovation, Global Core City aspires to provide professional R&D for various industriesPCBACustomized service, each product is path9The "testing process" is strictly controlled at every level, and the high standard of square electrostatic5000Squared dust-free production workshop, Global Core City strictly enforcesIATF16949quality system standards and has been awardedISO9001-2000Quality management system certification, welcome to visit the factory inspection, providePCBAProcessing services, telephone:13923880174.


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