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Global Core City provides PCBA one-stop service for smart home customers

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  • Published on.2022-07-03 07:10
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3D laser industry cases.

    With the development of science and technology, the progress of the times, laser a word of high-tech products slowly into our lives. The application range of laser is very wide, the application industry has technology intelligence,Medical Aesthetics,Industrial Control,In the field of communication transmission, etc. We are familiar with the following around us: fiber optic communication, laser spectroscopy, laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, laser beauty, laser sweeping anchor, etc. The role of laser is believed to be understood by many colleagues. This product below is an industrial grade nanosecond laser for one of our customers.

    Based on the industry needs of lasers and the customer's own business management blueprint,The client has gone through severalPCBAAfter the selection of suppliers in2017The year customer finally decided to choose Global Core forSMTSMD manufacturing, due to the complex production and high process difficulty of industrial-grade nanosecond lasers, GlobalChip is fully involved in strengthening manufacturing management for the sake of solutions, thus enhancing the overall production capacity andPCBAThe problem of delivery time.

Customer needs: need for betterPCBAProduction management and material control system to achieve its industrial grade nanosecond laser production.

1. Real-time information traceability of orders during production, Including personnel, Equipment, Materials, Processes.

2. Quality inspection information and results of materials, Including yield rate, Straight-through rate, Defect analysis, etc. ;.

3. frompcbtopcbaThe full range of testing.

4. First piece performance test.

smt chip processing

 In response to the perfect production management system of Global Core, insmtThe patch production process safeguards the quality issues of industrial grade nanosecond lasers, and the maturePCBAOne-stop service for Global Core City, bringing great benefits to our customers, who also firmly believe that wesmtThe experience of SMD processing can bring him long-term value.  

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