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What are the structures of flexographic printed boards?

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  • Published on.2022-07-03 07:22
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Junction of flexible printed boardWhat are the structures?

pcbaManufacturersBe sure to choose well before the productionPCBboard, determine the type of material used for the board, and then onlypcbaChip processing production, there are manypcbaOEM factory is to choose a good and stable supplier to ensure the quality of customer products, then the board and divided into many types, Global Core City will take you to know what is a flexible printed circuit board.There are many types of flexographic printed boards with different structural characteristics. InIPC- 6013The standard is divided into the following five types according to the specific structure of the flexible printed circuit board, and the structural characteristics of the different types are as follows.

1 Type: Flexible single-sided printed circuit board containing only one conductive layer with overlay film, either with or without reinforcement layer.

2 Type: Flexible double-sided printed circuit board containing two conductive layers interconnected by plated through holes, either with or without reinforcement layers.

3 Type: Flexible multilayer printed circuit board containing three or more layers of conductive layers with plated through holes, with or without reinforcement layers.

4 Type: Rigid-flexible material combination multilayer printed circuit board, containing three or more conductive layers, interconnected by plated through holes.

5 Type: Flexible or rigidly flexible printed circuit board containing two or more conductive layers without plated through holes.

Of the above five types of flexible boards, the3If the number of conductive layers of the type board is too much, the bending performance will be reduced due to the increase of copper foil layer. ThereforeInpcbaIn ManufacturingWhen a flexible multilayer board is really needed, it should be made into a book page form so that the number of copper foil layers in the bending part is reduced, which is conducive to bending. The four-layer flex board is divided into two pages of booklet type.

The structure of a double-sided flexible board with a covering film is shown in the figure.8The structure of the laminated rigid-flexible combined flexure plate is shown in Fig.





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