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Fast proofing

MYDATA Sweden fully automatic SMT processing line

Laminating Machine


OEM processing

OEM OEM processing, 9 testing processes, quality quality experience

Quality Inspection

Precision characters

High Precision Chip Processing

Automotive products / industrial control products / military products and other products


Processing Advantages

smt processing

dip wave soldering line


Online AOI inspection instrument


The company focuses on non-consumer electronic products SMT processing, small batch commitment to material to confirm the accuracy of on-time delivery


The equipment is tailor-made for the mass production of products with high quality requirements in the middle and high end, breaking through the industry technology, and can paste 01005, BGA pitch 0.2MM, QFN, CSP, CON and other components

Technical stability

One hundred percent of technical backbone with more than 5 years of work experience, 85% of frontline operation staff with more than 3 years of work experience.

Strict testing

In the daily operation of the strict implementation of the 5S, 6S concept, incoming materials to shipments after 9 processes layer by layer, we promise SMT, PCBA board will be over the optical inspection

Processing Flow

  • Inquire for a quote

  • Order Placement

  • Audit Profile

    IData review
  • Component procurement

  • Incoming material inspection

  • SMT mount

  • AOI Inspection

    AOI test
  • DIP soldering

  • Assembly test

  • QA Testing

    OA test
  • Packaging

  • Inbound shippingShipments

The price is the sum of the number of electronic components and the unit price, the price of the number of solder joints, the engineering fee, the labor fee and the start-up fee, etc. The details are negotiable.

PCBA processing one-stop quality services, PCB manufacturing, component procurement, SMT processing, assembly and testing of the whole process worry-free service.

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Global core city perennial for Huawei, Canon and other strength of well-known enterprises, has a professional order operation process, processing order management follow the system, is your production and processing of the perfect factory.


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