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Project ltem Parameter Description Remark
Minimum Line Width / Minimum Line Spacing (mil) 3/3 Finished copper thickness: 0.5OZ
Minimum ring width (mil)

Via Hole3mil

Via Hole3mil

Min Orifice

Board Thickness < 2.0mm0.2mm

Board Thickness < 1.2mm0.1mm

Board Thickness ≤ 2.0mmThickness to diameter ratio

Refers to the finished aperture
Refers to the finished aperture
Refers to the finished aperture
Maximum plate thickness

Single and double board8.0mm


Minimum plate thickness

Single and double board

Four-layer board0.2mm

Six-layer board0.4mm

Eight-layer board0.6 mm

Ten-layer board1.0mm

Maximum size

Single and double board600*1100mm


Maximum number of layers 46 floors
Soldermask Green oil window (mil) 2/4
Green Oil Bridge (mil) 4
Color: white, black, blue, green, yellow, red, etc.
Character Minimum line width (mil) 5/8
Color: white, yellow, black, etc.
Surface Plating Tin spraying, nickel/gold plating, chemical nickel/gold, tin sinking, silver sinking, anti-oxidation, pure tin spraying, etc.
Panel Type FR4, HF sheet, PTFE, aluminum-based, copper-based, thick copper foil, halogen-free materials, Arlin, Rogers
cem-1, cem-3
Mixed media lamination, flex board, rigid-soft bonding board

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Soldermask, text

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Surface treatment process

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