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How to design and manufacture medical PCBs

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  • Published on.2022-07-03 07:43
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How to design and manufacture medical PCBs

Medical PCBs should be carefully designed and manufactured to ensure their perfect operation.Various factors should be considered to ensure a high quality, reliable, robust and durable medical PCB.


The following is a step-by-step process for designing and manufacturing medical PCBs.


Create initial schematic design

Creating the initial schematic design is the first step in the medical PCB design and manufacturing process.Here, all relevant information for the PCB is taken from the client and used to create the basic drawing. Some of the important details needed here are the application of the PCB, the type of PCB, the power requirements and the materials to be used.All of these details must be accurate and used in the initial design of the medical PCB.


Preparing the layout

After the initial schematic design, the next step is to prepare the layout for the PCB.Here, you can upload the initial diagram on the PCB software.The details required by the customer should be added.


Consider and add key factors

In order to produce accurate and efficient medical PCBs, several key factors need to be considered during the design phase.Some of the key factors include the partition plane, sequencing, number of pins and their selection.


Correct power distribution

Power separation is performed at this stage of the design process to ensure lower noise and crosstalk levels in the board.This diversification of power should be done appropriately to obtain effective results.


Allow multiple layers

To help reduce SNR and noise levels, the PCB substrate needs to have multiple layers.Multiple layers also make medical PCBs reliable and improve their performance.


Review BOM (BOM) list

The next step is to review the Bill of Materials BOM for the medical PCB.The bill of materials is a list of all materials and components for a medical PCB.


Checking components

To ensure that all parts of the medical PCB meet the design requirements, they are thoroughly checked at this stage.


Prepare and validate the list of alternative components

Sometimes, certain components Printed Circuit Boards mayIt may fail or fail to meet the design requirements.To solve this problem in advance, a list of secondary components is prepared.This helps save time in the design process.


Making assembly drawings

Assembling a medical PCB is a complex process.In addition, because medical PCBs are used in sensitive medical fields, they need to be very accurate.This means that there should be no room for error in the design and assembly of the PCB.To ensure the accuracy of the data PCB assemblyThe drawings of the assembly process are created and followed diligently.


Show test points in the design

As mentioned earlier, medical devices need to be accurate and precise because they work on the human body.This also means that the medical PCBs used to manufacture such devices must be accurate or error-free.For this reason, all possible test points should be shown during the design process in order to effectively test the Pcb.


Medical PCB prototype

Before mass production of medical PCBs, their prototypes need to be produced.The prototype helps Circuit board manufacturer Predict the success of the board.Perform various functional tests on the prototype to determine its shortcomings.




Figure 3. Medical pcb prototype


With this, several design and manufacturing adjustments were made to produce a final PCB that met the standard requirements of the medical field.This helps avoid losses during mass production and makes production cost effective.The following processes involve medical treatment PCB prototyping.


● Create designs for medical PCBs

● Drawing the schematic design of PCB

● Create a routing design

● Making photo films

● Printed board inner layer

● Fusion layers

● Drilling

● Outer layer imaging

● Copper plating

● Tin plating

● Etching

● Application of solder resist layer

● Provide surface finish

● Silkscreen

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