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Technical analysis of surgical robots

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  • Published on.2022-07-03 07:52
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The surgical robot is a lumpectomy minimally invasive surgical operating system with master-slave control, designed for surgical clinicians who can perform minimally invasive procedures such as laparoscopy and thoracoscopy, and is professionally known by the product name Endoscopic Surgical Risk Control Management System.

I. Three major components

 The standard configuration of the endoscopic surgical control system includes a physician console, patientSurgeryplatform and image processing platform for use with endoscopes and surgical instruments.

Second, the doctor console

The surgeon sits at the console to control all movements of the surgical instruments and uses a manual controller (master controller) and multiple pedals for the endoscope. The surgeon is at the3DView technology and other user-managed interface design information for patient anatomy and surgical instrumentation are found on the viewer through the endoscope for observation. Physicians can control two surgical console manipulators at the same time, can control the lens can switch the surgical manipulator arm and the third foot switch. A system configured with two family physician consoles enables a business where two physicians can simultaneously have the ability to operate4A robotic arm.

 The main control part of the surgeon's console is the manual controller. The manual controller captures the movement of the surgeon's hand or arm. For example, the manual controller pans6cm, the terminal instrument moves a distance of2cm, the ratio can be self-adjusted according to the analysis of the actual needs of students' surgical development.

Three, patient surgery platform

The platform at the bedside of the surgical patient is located and includes four robotic arms. The endoscope can be attached to any of the robotic arms and is used to develop anatomical knowledge structures that provide assistance to the patient3DView. Fine operations are controlled by the physician through the physician console.

1.Laser Positioning

The patient has indicators for the laser surgical platform that provide the user with location information. Management level development positioning and surgical positioning are first required before surgery to put the surgical platform and robotic arm in an appropriate surgical position.


Boom adjustable rotating support structure, the robot arm can be moved to the appropriate position for the execution of the process.


The boom can be moved up or down to adjust the height of the management system.

4.Robotic arm

 The role of the four arms is to hold, move or manipulate the endoscope and surgical instruments. By using the corresponding wheel in the5The instrument control manipulates the instruments. Each runner is responsible for managing different instrument movements of the control system, for example, some companies control the rotation around the axis, some can control the opening and closing, etc.

IV. Image processing platform

Including the image processing system in the core platform unit, the endoscope controller and video processor also includes a touch screen to view images of said endoscope and adjust system settings. The endoscope controller provides effective control and illumination for the endoscope, and the image processor obtains left and right video user input a signal from the endoscope controller and provides its own processed image output to the management system development core. The core functions of the system include: communicating with physician consoles and patient surgery platforms, distributing video signals from various sources (for example). Image processor, external input)To various terminals(Example. Touch screen, external output); communicates with a third party high frequency generator to enable electrical energy to be pedaled from the physician's console to operations such as electrocoagulation, electrocautery, electrocutting, separation and hemostasis.

Endoscopic surgical motion signal flow control system: captures the surgeon's hand and arm operated by the surgeon and manually controls the console for control signals;The control signal provided by the image processing control signal to the platform of the surgical manipulation patient platform, the control signal received by the manipulator is converted to the movement of the surgical instrument or arm.

The visual signal is transmitted to the physician's console through the endoscopic acquisition and the image data processing information platform.

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