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Printed board mechanical processing features, methods

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  • Published on.2022-07-03 07:26
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                                  Printed board mechanical processing features, methods

PcbaCircuit BoardsMachiningofFeatures

pcbaManufacturingThe board inThe base material used, copper-clad laminate, is made by heat pressing the insulating material and copper foil with an adhesive. The substrate is composed of epoxy resin, polyimide and phenolic resin, which are insulation materials, and reinforcing material, respectively. Composite materials such as glass fiber cloth, quartz cloth, fiber paper, etc. The inner layer of multilayer board also has copper foil material. The most used substrate materials are phenolic paper-based copper-clad laminate and epoxy glass cloth-based copper-clad laminate, flexible polyimide copper-clad laminate, etc.pcbaProcessing either paper substrate, or glass cloth substrate, its mechanical processing properties are worse than the metal machining performance. Analysis of their structural composition, they are brittle and obvious delamination, resin materials softened by heat and glass fiber reinforced materials are relatively high hardness, the tool wear on machining is relatively large.pcbaThe production of continuous processing is easy to heat up, resulting in the sheet showing stickiness, which affects the processing quality. In order to improve the machining quality, usually use carbide tools, large feed cutting processing, you can ensure product quality.

Commonly used mechanical processing methods for printed boards

 pcbaManufacturersMediumThe methods of mechanical processing of printed boards are usually punching, shearing, sawing, milling, drilling, etc. According to the process characteristics of printed board processing, in order to obtain a relatively low cost and high quality printed boardpcbaWiring board manufacturers must choose the appropriate machining process method according to the performance of the substrate used in the manufacture of printed boards, dimensional tolerance requirements, processing quantity and processing technology in order to achieve good quality and low cost.

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